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Have a Great Memorial Weekend!

We are closed on Monday, May 28th and will return the following day regular hours.


What is PPF?

PPF is short for Paint Protection Film also known as Clear Bra. It is a thin clear urethane film used to protect the vehicle's paint from sand, stones, bugs and other road debris.

How thick is PPF?

PPF is commonly 8 to 8.5 Mils thick (= 8 one thousand of an inch).

How Durable is it?

Although the material is not bullet proof it has been known to take the damage from most things that come in contact with it. If the material become damaged, it can be replaced and reinstalled without damaging the original paint. Think of the material as a screen protector for your phone, it will protect the phone from most of what happened to the phone but with enough force it can still crack the screen.

Do you care for PPF and how do you care for it?

Yes, your PPF does need to be cared for and the care is the same as what you do for the paint of your vehicle, regular washes and waxing, sealants or ceramic coatings will help to keep the film looking new and prolong its protection.

What if there are Lifting Edges or Bubbles?

These issues should not be common and no cause for concern. Bubbles are very minor and usually take just a few moments to fix, we do ask that no one but a Clear Pro Representative touch or try to remove them , doing so can cause a permanent ring in the film. For lifting edges we will be more than happy to fix these issues and ensure that no other edges come up. Please do not pick at the edges as it will not lay back down properly without damage.

Who needs PPF?

With the chemical make up of automotive paints these days, they are all more prone to paint chips and damage than they were 10 years ago. Anyone who purchased a new vehicle and wants to keep the appearance like new and help preserve resale value should protect their vehicle.

Is there a warranty on the material?

Yes the manufacturer of our films currently have a 10 year warranty on the materials against defect such as yellowing, hazing, bubbling an lifting as well as other manufacturers defects, proper care is required for this warranty to be valid.

Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving we want to send our warm wishes to everyone. With gratitude, we thank you for your business. Clear Pro will be closed on Thanksgiving Day We will be open again on Monday 11/27. Make an appointment or drop in to see us. We love to see you

Veteran's Day

On this Veteran's Day, we at Clear Pro want to thank all the men and women who have served that are easily taken for granted. For your bravery, hard work, and dedication to our country, we THANK YOU!

We will be closed Labor Day

Hope every has a safe Labor Day weekend!!! See you guys on Sunday for our Open House!
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