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About Clear Pro


The team at Clear Pro has been honored with Xpel's Paint Protection top Installer Award for 2011. This Award is only given to one company each year. We were chosen to receive this Award from among Xpel's worldwide network of installation Companies. In 2010, Clear Pro won Xpel's Installation Competition and in 2017, Clear Pro made it into the Top 6 installers. This international competition is a head-to-head challenge of the best installers in the world. The team at Clear Pro are certified paint protection installers who focus solely on paint protection films which differentiate us from our competitors. Do not settle for less because it is cheaper! You will end up spending more to get it fixed rather than doing it right the first time.

Our History

In 2004, Founder of Clear Pro, Lance Pugh moved from Michigan to Southern California and started Clear Pro as a one man operation. Since establishing Clear Pro, Lance and his Team of Installers have attended multiple advanced training seminars at Xpel's facility in San Antonio Texas, insuring their Clear Bra installation skills are the best in the nation.

As a Master installer for Clear Pro, Lance has been installing Clear Bra's on vehicles since 2001 and has personally completed thousands of Clear Bra installations. Currently, the team at Clear Pro is testing alternative paint protection films and other products to insure that the best materials are always available to our customers.

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